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Dr. Covici’s oculofacial plastic surgery practice has extensive experience in rejuvenating the details of his patients’ faces, enhancing the aesthetic quality and beauty of their unique features. Our team is committed to providing the most sophisticated and safest surgical and non-surgical techniques in order to deliver a more youthful and elegant appearance to your face. Together we can customize a treatment plan that will improve the way you look and feel.

Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

Do your eyelids weigh heavy on your face, harming your self-esteem and restricting your ability to see? Using a variety of modern surgical techniques, Dr. Covici can make you look more rested, youthful, and vivacious. Not only can we remove unwanted sagging skin; we can restructure the contour of your upper and lower eyelids and rotate the angle of your eyelashes for a more natural, radiant result. Dr. Covici is known for being a perfectionist. When planning your eyelid surgery, he will take into account a range of factors, including the anatomic elements of your facial features, age, gender, and cosmetic desires. Following surgery, your eyes will be opened to brighter possibilities and a renewed sense of self-esteem.


Your comfort is one of our highest priorities, which is why we offer both moderate and non-invasive procedures at our practice, all of which are completely customized around your cosmetic needs and desires. An s-lift is a popular face lift option among our patients, as it provides many of the same phenomenal, natural-looking results that can be achieved through a traditional facelift, but in the relaxing atmosphere of our luxurious office. These mini facelifts use smaller "S" shaped incisions in the front of the ear that allow Dr. Covici to lift the skin and underlying tissues. Advantages of the s-lift include less recovery time, lower costs incurred by the patient, and fewer risks for complications.

Dr. Covici uses a hands-on approach during consultations and while planning each individual surgery. Our team believes in providing thorough patient education so that you are fully aware of what to expect before, during, and after your procedure, as well as the risks and benefits associated with a particular surgery.

Brow Lift

Over time, the brows tend to sag and droop, which can make your face appear tired, aged, and deflated. Deep lines may also develop within the brow and along the temples near the eyes, further impacting your appearance. We use a variety of surgical techniques to address these signs of aging.

Depending on your facial features and your cosmetic needs, Dr. Covici may recommend a particular form of lift. A coronal lift requires an incision along the entire hairline. A temporal lift constitutes of tiny incisions made along the latter regions of the hair line. The endoscopic lift utilizes several small incisions and a telescope to perform the ideal adjustment. Although incisions are used during most of our surgical procedures, the minuscule openings are positioned in such a way that once healed, there will either be no scarring at all, or the scarring will be so minimal that it will be camouflaged and unrecognizable.

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