Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Redesigning Your Facial Framework

Photo Of Woman Modeling Brow Lift - Steven J. Covici, MD, FACSAre you dissatisfied with your appearance? We want to help you overcome this dissatisfaction by providing you with the means to realize your cosmetic goals. By taking a hands-on approach with our patients, our team can remain more focused on their personal needs and expectations, which in turn allows us to provide them with customized treatment and patient care of the highest standard. If you are interested in rejuvenating your appearance, we offer a wide variety of facial plastic surgery procedures to meet our patients' needs, including face lift surgery, brow lift surgery, and cheek and chin implant surgery. At our Springfield practice, we can help you look and feel more youthful, more radiant, more rejuvenated, and more confident.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Beauty Plan

Every case we see requires a different treatment plan. Because of Dr. Covici’s decades' worth of experience, he is able to customize treatment plans to the precise aesthetic needs and personal desires of his patients.  By determining what aspect of your face you desire an improvement in, we can better develop an idealistic beauty plan to help you achieve and maintain your short-term and long-term cosmetic objectives. As you look into a mirror and describe which regions of your face you are not satisfied with, Dr. Covici can manipulate the skin tissue in the focused areas to simulate your result following surgery.

Homeopathic Plans

For patients who are undergoing surgery, Dr. Covici formulates a homeopathic plan for them to follow before and at the conclusion of their treatment. The creative composition of natural supplements, fruits and vegetables, and therapies will remedy pain, swelling, bruising, and minimize discomfort as your body begins to recover.

Safe and Effective Plans of Action

Our goal is to perform your cosmetic enhancement in such a way that it elevates your beauty and confidence, while continuing to provide natural-looking results for years to come. By mapping out every procedure prior to commencing surgery, Dr. Covici and his team can structurally lay out the intricate incisions and detailed modifications that need to be made and decide on the best course of action. Our strategic planning of your procedure will be discussed with you prior to your surgery so you have realistic expectations of what measures will be taken during your treatment.

Life-enhancing Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery

We offer face lift surgery, brow lift surgery, chin and cheek implant surgery, and chin rejuvenation surgery at our state-of-the-art Springfield practice. Safe and effective, these treatment options provide a number of benefits, including:

Face Lift
This popular treatment improves the contour of the jawline and lower jowls, and skin typically appears softer and free of deep-set lines and wrinkles. Face lift surgery also augments the position of the skin on the face, as it is first tightened and then relayed over your facial framework. By removing the excess skin that weighs down your face, Dr. Covici can make you appear refreshed, renewed, and more youthful. All incisions are made within the hairline or subtle creases of the face to minimize the appearance of scarring, for a more seamless look. A variety of skin care and injectable treatments can be used in conjunction with this procedure to amplify your aesthetic outcome.
Brow Lift
After brow lift surgery, you will look more awake and alert, and feel more confident. By restructuring muscle, skin, and fat tissue in the forehead and cheeks, deep furrows between the brows can be eliminated, wrinkles across the forehead can be drastically reduced, and heavy, loose skin can be discarded and smoothed out. Not only will you appear younger, your face will look rejuvenated. The procedure is performed endoscopically for greater precision, less scarring, and more natural-looking results. All incisions are placed within natural folds of the skin so scarring is minimized and camouflaged. Other skin care and injectable treatments can be used in conjunction with this procedure to enhance your results.
Chin Rejuvenation
This minimally invasive procedure has a quick recovery time and can make a significant difference in a person’s appearance. This procedure can be used in conjunction with a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures and injectable treatments for more comprehensive results. All incisions are made in natural creases of the face and neck to minimize the appearance of scars. The procedure is more affordable than a neck lift or face lift and produces dramatic, long-lasting results.  

Are You A Good Candidate?

No matter what plastic surgery procedure you wish to undergo, it is important to determine if you are an ideal candidate for treatment. Dr. Covici cares about helping you achieve an ideal outcome that not only meets your cosmetic needs but exceeds your wildest expectations, so consulting with him prior to receiving treatment will ensure you are supremely satisfied with your results. Generally, candidates looking to undergo face lift surgery, brow lift surgery, the placement of cheek or chin implants, or chin rejuvenation at our Springfield practice are:

Face Lift

  • Between 40 and 70 years of age
  • Showing signs of aging on the face (an excess amount of fat or loose facial tissue)
  • Individuals who still have healthy skin elasticity
  • Interested in eliminating deep lines around the fold of the nose and crease of the mouth
  • Suffering from sagging skin in the jowls, forehead, or cheeks
  • Patients who are in good physical health

Brow Lift

  • Men and women seeking to reduce the signs of aging (loose or sagging skin, deep lines on the forehead)
  • Individuals trying to correct deep lines caused by excessive squinting, stress, and sun damage
  • Dealing with heavy, loose tissue around the brows

Chin Rejuvenation

  • Men and women who have an overly full looking neck
  • Trying to eliminate a double chin or “gobbler”
  • Suffering with excess or sagging skin on the neck and chin

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Steven Covici, MD, FACS

Steven Covici, MD, FACS

For over 20 years, Dr. Steven Covici has provided world-class cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and face. Considered by peers as a leader in the field of oculofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Covici can provide services including:

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