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"I am a female medical doctor in my fifties who initially saw Dr. Covici for puffy lower lids.  Dr. Covici skillfully did a lower lid blepharoplasty on me and the result is outstanding.  I was so impressed with Dr. Covici’s skill that he has since been giving me Botox injections as well as a variety of fillers over the years.  He is the only physician I trust my face to.

I was always told that you want to go to the doctor other doctors go to.  That’s Doctor Covici." - Dr. JM


"When I first came to see Dr Covici I was miserable. My eyelids had all but obscured my eyes, making me look grumpy and tired all the time. As a result, I pretty much was grumpy and tired all the time. As the doctor began to explain the procedure, I started to feel better and, when he explained that, as part of my treatment, for a week prior to and for 10 days after the surgery, I was to eat lots of pineapple, blueberries, spinach and other fruits, I knew I had found the right man for the job. It was explained that my procedure would take place in the doctor's office, not in a hospital, and that I would be given valium and novocain rather than anesthesia, since I needed to be awake and able to move my eyes. Normally I would be seriously terrified about not having anesthesia while undergoing any kind of surgery, but Dr. Covici and his staff were all so reassuring, kind and confident that any fear I had vanished. I was shown before-and-after photos of several patients and any doubts I might have had disappeared. In the doctor's office on the day of surgery, I was given two valium and, in about a half hour, I was feeling pretty goofy, with no fear or anxiety at all."

Painlessly. I'm thrilled beyond words with how happy I am with this experience.

"The novocain was injected and Dr. Covici went to work. The whole thing took just under two hours. In that time all of the excess skin obscuring my eyes was removed, the puffy bags under my eyes were also removed, along with a few superfluous wrinkles, and three moles on my cheeks and near my mouth were taken off. Painlessly. I'm thrilled beyond words with how happy I am with this experience. Yes, I look great, but, more than that, I'm myself again. I hadn't realized how badly I felt about how I looked and how withdrawn I was becoming. Sorry about the cliche, but I really do feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat and my only regret is that I waited so long."


"On Friday, April 27, 2012, I had an adverse reaction to medication that I had been taking and I became dizzy and fell in my kitchen, hitting my head on an overhead cabinet and the desk below it. The results of this fall were a gash on my forehead and under my left eye, a fractured nose and nerve damage to my face. My daughter drove me to the hospital, where I was told that my injuries were too severe for them to treat and I was taken by ambulance to Baystate Medical Center. After spending the night in the Emergency Room at Baystate, I was taken into surgery, where I met Dr. Covici for the first time. Dr. Covici spent time with me prior to the surgery, explaining what he was going to do and Dr.Covici also spent time with me after the surgery was complete, explaining what he had done. For the first time since this experience had begun, I felt at ease and fully confident in Dr. Covici's expertise."

"I have had several follow up visits since the surgery and I can say without reservation, that the care and kindness that I have received from Dr. Covici and his staff far exceeds all care I have ever received from any other surgeon to date. Dr. Covici continues with my care and he has assured me on several occasions that he will do whatever it takes to make it right, what more could anyone ask. I will not have any permanent damage to my eye, or my face. I have complete confidence in Dr. Covici and his expertise and I would recommend he and his staff to everyone; the level of expertise and care I've received is unsurpassed. Thank you."


"Having my eyelids done by Dr. Covici was probably the best thing I could have done for myself in a very long time. I am a recently retired R.N. and although I am only 55 yrs old, I felt older because my right eyelid was very droopy. Friends and family always commented, "You look so tired." Or, "Are you in a bad mood?" when, in fact, I was neither. Dr. Covici and his staff were very caring and answered all my questions, and the procedure was quick and virtually painless. I am very pleased with the results and it appears very natural. It is not easy to take that first step and having the procedure done, but with Dr. Covici's experience and his gentle manner it went incredibly well."


"While at my "skin" doctor's office I began a discussion with one of her employees about needing to do something about the droop in my eyelids that was causing visual problems. This was my introduction to Dr. Covici and a chance to also "inspect" his work, since this lady had recently had the same surgery I was looking into - blepharoplasty. She was very positive and energetic about the complete experience. She also looked wonderful! It was virtually impossible to see her surgical sites at this time. Within a short time, and with lots of encouragement from my co-workers, I made an appointment with Dr. Covici to have my eye evaluation for correction of that extra tissue.

I cannot say enough about the exceptional team work that one experiences in this office. From the time you sit in the chair and have your first evaluation with Dr. Covici and each additional follow up visit you are treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Covici will ask you specifics about your reason for coming and he will have a detailed discussion about how you see yourself and how he can best help you accomplish this goal. He gives adequate time for questions and answers. One staff member, in particular, went out of her way to help me correctly perform one of the the tests so that it gave the best picture of my situation, needed for insurance purposes. The support to succeed and have a positive outcome was overwhelming and is not often experienced in other health care settings.

During the actual surgery, I had staff at my side. After waking from a "short nap" they explained each part of the process and kept me engaged during the process, helping to keep me calm and thinking about things other than the work the doctor was doing. Again, the atmosphere was highly positive and supportive. At this time I have had 2 follow up appointments and the atmosphere remains supportive and positive. Dr. Covici continues to discuss how the healing process is, "on schedule", reviews before and after pictures, continues to explain and answer concerns and encourages contact with the office should any problems occur.

I cannot say enough about the exceptional  team work  that one experiences in this office.

Every visit is respectful and full of encouragement by ALL of the staff members. I would strongly recommend Dr. Covici for any plastic surgery needed. He and his staff put the patients first. I am very thankful to have been introduced to Dr. Covici and his team and to have the opportunity to experience his expertise. I have received numerous compliments - the phrase I hear most is, "your eyes pop." Its great to see clearly. Thank you to Dr. Covici and his team. Sincerely."

Mike Kaszowski

"As an adult male I never considered plastic surgery and planned on aging gracefully. I am a 53 year old man but look 5-10 years younger than my chronological age. I am fit, athletic and play competitive sports. About 2 years ago, while washing my face each day, I began to notice excess skin on my upper eyelids. I tried a couple different kinds of eye cream but the skin continued to sag especially in the corner of my eyes. I decided to get a consult from Dr. Covici based on the testimonials on his website. Upon meeting Dr. Covici, I found him to be pleasant and professional. He sensed my hesitancy about having blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) and we discussed my concerns. He also stressed how his approach to plastic surgery is to be conservative and strive for a natural look after healing. Using a medical instrument, Dr. Covici rolled the excess skin on my eyelid to simulate a before and potential after look. That crystallized it for me - seeing how good my eyes could look and also Dr. Covici’s conservative approach to surgery."

I am a  53 year old  man but look 5-10 years younger than my chronological age.

"The surgery itself was painless and over in an hour. I actually fell asleep during the procedure. When I awoke, the nurse showed me my eyes in a hand mirror. I could see an immediate improvement. For the next 7 days, I followed the post treatment protocol – icing my eyes using frozen peas. I healed quickly with minimal bruising. As the swelling went down over time after the procedure, my eyes looked natural and younger. It’s been a year since I had the procedure and am so pleased that I had the courage to contact Dr. Covici and entrust him in improving my appearance."

Sharen Engwer

Almost 8 years ago I first found Dr. Covici on the internet, yes internet.  You see, he was in my insurance network.  As soon as I read what could be done with my droopy upper eyelid, (known as blepharoplasty) which impaired my vision, I made my appointment & never looked back.

You will NOT be disappointed, I’m not!!

Just having double  eye lid  surgery this month, it’s time to tell everyone out there, I could not have picked a more “down to earth” surgeon. Dr. Covici & his entire staff made me feel so comfortable with my decision for the surgeries.  

Even though I knew this procedure was not without pain & time off from work, in the end it was so worth it !!  Dr. Covici is more than a good doctor. I value the fact that he & his staff are ALL compassionate, professionals & must say great listeners too. From the day they met me, until my last visit after surgery, they called me @ home every step of the way. From Pre-op to after-op they cared enough to call to see how I was doing, any questions etc.  I can honestly say that is “someone who truly cares”.

Last but not least, I would highly recommend Dr Covici & his very friendly & experienced staff if you are ever in need of his profession.  You will NOT be disappointed, I’m not!!

Steven Covici, MD, FACS

Steven Covici, MD, FACS

For over 20 years, Dr. Steven Covici has provided world-class cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and face. Considered by peers as a leader in the field of oculofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Covici can provide services including:

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